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The organisation of the next conference has already begun in 2020, however, because of the pandemic, the regular 2-year period of the event has been extended to 3 years, so that the conference can be held in 2022, hopefully in person. The IYCE’22 is to take place in Hungary again.


The  „7th International Youth Conference on Energy 2019” (IYCE’19) took place in Bled, Slovenia, between July 3-6 in 2019. The conference was based on its successful predecessors, but innovated by  exciting new programs and experiences. Approximately a hundred guests arrived with 50 presentations to the event.


In the year of 2017, Budapest, Hungary hosted again the  „6th International Youth Conference on Energy 2017” (IYCE’17). This time the event had a special 10 year anniversary, taking place between June 21-24. A good indication of the conference’s significance are the 131 guests from 29 nations, presenting 74 publications in total.


In 2015, Italy was home to the „5th International Youth Conference on Energy 2015” (IYCE’15). The event took place between the 27-30th of May. As a local co-organiser, an italian organisation, Nuclear and Industrial Engineering Srl (N.IN.E) was helping the work of the Organising Committee. The event was held in the italian National Research Council’s congress center in Pisa. The conference was a success, counting 190 participants from 35 countries.


In 2013, the conference was organised in Hungary again, with the title of  “4th International Youth Conference on Energy 2013” (IYCE’13). The conference was hosted in Siófok, precisely in Hotel Residence Balaton****, where the attendees from more than 28 countries were not only welcomed by a multitude of professional programmes, but they could also enjoy the special panorama of Lake Balaton. Within the framework of the IYCE 2013 conference, close to 110 participants published and presented 91 articles in 12 oral  and one poster sections.


In 2011, the “3rd International Youth Conference on Energetics 2011” (IYCE’11) took place in Leiria, Portugal. The co-organiser of the event was the local university IPL (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria). The Student Association performed well on the international stage again l: 104 articles were published by 95 authors, from almost 30 countries in 15 oral and 2 poster sections.


The main goal of the “2nd International Youth Conference on Energetics 2009” (IYCE’09) was - similarly to the first - to promote the importance of the energy field and the innovativeness of the development through addressing the future generations. 129 participants from 23 countries presented 63 publications at the conference held in Budapest for the second time.


In the year of 2007, with the creation of a tradition in mind, we organised an  international youth conference in English named „International Youth Conference on Energetics 2007” (IYCE). The event was supported by large international organizations like AEE, CIGRE or ENEN. Similar events, targeting young researchers, university and PhD students have not previously been organised in our country. The conference provided opportunities for young professionals to publish their work on an international level and also to develop social networks between themselves, the presenters, and the industrial or academic representatives who attended the forum.