Summer Internship

Since its establishment in 2002, the Student Association of Energy pays particular attention to help students who study in the energy field and major companies to make contact. The Association has dedicated most of its programs to this goal, such as the summer internship program organized since 2007. From the beginning, the Association has aimed to provide a variety of opportunities to students who must complete a summer internship before finishing their studies. During the years, this program has become successful and distinguished within the partners and the departments at BME.

We have tried to provide even more opportunities for students who would like to  take part in this program in order to complete their 4 to 6 weeks summer internship. By involving major industrial companies, we try to make the first contact between students, before finishing their degrees, and leading companies of the energy industry. Participants can have an insight of the everydays of an energy engineer, deepen their knowledge and acquire the essential professional relationships.

Our mediation system is becoming more and more sophisticated, and it is constantly reviewed by our partner companies. Of course, our partners usually have individual expectations of the applicants, and we try to carefully assess for each internship taking these into account. Every year we mediate students who would like to gain job experience in addition to just completing the compulsory internship, so we encourage everyone to apply.