We are constantly expanding our activities in line with students' interests and industry requirements. This is why we organized our first consultation program in the 2012/2013 spring semester, on an experimental basis. In the framework of this program, trained members of the Student Association of Energy, supported by the Department of Energy Engineering and the Department of Electric Power Engineering, provide consultations to younger students on subjects taught by the Departments, thus helping them prepare for their studies. In the first, pilot semester, more than 200 students attended the Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer consultations, and due to the high interest, our members have continued the program, offering consultations in different subjects every semester. In recent years, the number of our consultations has continued to grow. Currently we offer training in the following subjects:


Engineering Thermodynamics
Heat Transfer
Electrotechnics (for Energy Engineers)
Electrotechnics (for Electrical Engineers)
Electrical Power Systems
Power Engineering
Mathematics G1
Mathematics G2
Mathematics G3



The exact list of subjects covered by the consultations may vary from semester to semester, as we try to adapt our consultation activities to the expectations of the departments concerned and the students, as well as to the resources available to help those enrolled in the BUTE's energy courses.