A highlight of the Student Association of Energy's Jubilee Semester was the lecture series on the 20th anniversary of the Association on 3 November 2022. The themes of the event covered the effects of the current energy crisis, the rise of renewable energy sources and their impact on energy markets and our daily lives. The event featured a panel discussion and plenary presentations by leading figures in the field.

The event was divided into two parts, a professional and a social part. The date was set for 3rd November, in line with the SAE’s public program. The venue was the BME I building. Within the professional program, two plenary sessions were organized, with the participation of one of our senior members and a company representative. This was followed by a panel discussion entitled „Energy strategy beyond Russian gas”. During the social program, we also provided catering, which was ordered from a company for 80 people based on a preliminary survey. The pictures were taken on the spot by the KTK Photo Club of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
The professional part of the event started at 4 pm, the social part at 7 pm and the event was closed at 10 pm.



The start was at 16:15, Zsófia Bangó introduced the program of the evening. Máté Nagy, the first president and founder of our Association, said a few words about the beginnings 20 years ago. Afterwards, Péter Márk Sőrés (MVM Zrt., Head of Business Development Department) gave a 35-minute presentation entitled „Energy emergency: causes and first consequences of the global price shock”.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Bálint Hartmann on „Security of Supply in Transitioning Electricity Systems”. This was followed by a 35-minute break, which provided an opportunity to relax, network, have a good chat with old friends over scones and refreshments. The following panel discussions was moderated by Prof. Dr. Attila Aszódi (dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Budapest University of Technology and Economics), and the participants were: Dr. Péter Kaderják (Head of the Zero Carbon Centre), Pál Kovács (Vice President of the Ministry of Energy, MEKH) and Pál Gerse (MET Group, Portfolio Management Director, former member of the Association). The discussion lasted for 1 hour, during which we heard the participants’ views on Hungary’s energy strategy, on when gas can be replaced as a primary energy source and on the expansion of renewables. We got information from the most credible people on these topics, as the discussion included two people who had a role in the preparation of the last two Hungarian energy strategies, Dr. Péter Kaderják and Pál Kovács. Both the panel discussion and the presentations were a great success. The social program was held in the lobby of Building I, with a standing reception. Welcome speeches were given by Dr. Albin Zsebik, Prof. Dr. István Berta and Dr. Bálint Németh. We also prepareda birthday cake for the attendees, which featured the logo of the SAE20. During the cake distribution, a video with pictures of the past 20 years was shown in the background. This was followed by a recollection of the past and informal discussions.